Michel Pilz | Reiner Winterschladen | 

Frank Paul Schubert | Christian Ramond | Klaus Kugel 

1. Bow  (06:20) [Reiner Winterschladen]

2. Sandrinella  (06:49) [Itaru Oki]

3. Layered History  (04:17) [Klaus Kugel]

4. A Glimpse Of Its Destination  (06:29) [Klaus Kugel]

5. Curled Up  (06:05) [Frank Paul Schubert]

6. Yamabiko  (04:38) [Michel Pilz]

7. Cloudscape  (07:03) [M. Pilz, R. Winterschladen, F.P. Schubert, C. Ramond, K. Kugel]

8. Beautiful Flowers  (05:17) [Reiner Winterschladen]

DDD   47:03



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Michel Pilz - bassclarinet

Reiner Winterschladen - trumpet

Frank Paul Schubert - alto & soprano saxophone

Christian Ramond - double bass

Klaus Kugel - drums

A top-class line-up has gathered in the newly founded YAMABIKO QUINTET.

The five musicians demonstrate their high virtuosity and musicality with dense, intense and tension-filled improvisations and compositions.

Michel Pilz, Reiner Winterschladen and Frank Paul Schubert are three great wind players, all actionists of a clear line that combines Coltrane's ideal of sublime tonality with the rigor of new music. The interactions among them work perfectly.

Christian Ramond plays his bass with chamber-musical clarity, and Klaus Kugel is as light-handedly sensitive a percussionist as one could wish for in such a soloist ensemble.

Recorded February 22 & 23, 2022 by Christian Heck at LOFT, Cologne, Germany.

Mixed and mastered by Christian Heck [www.tonart-studio.de]

Artwork by Hendrick Silbermann [www.hendrik-silbermann.com]

Graphic design by Andrea Silbermann [www.andrea-silbermann.de]

Photo by Photomusix/C.Marx

Produced by the Yamabiko Quintet

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